Fitness for Seniors

We specialise in fitness for seniors.

As we age our boddies break down and graity becomes our enemy.

We tend to lose up to 50% of our muscle mass contributing to weakness and
disabillity, at the same time muscles and ligaments get stiff and tight
through lack of use and degeneration and our bones lose calcium increasing the risk of fracture.

The nervous system also slows down as we age and our reflexes get slower,
coordination suffers and memmory lapses often crop up at embarrassing times.

The average person gets less sleep in maturity then during youth, even if you
no longer need to set the alarm clock, not surprising spirits often sag as
the body slows down.

Although you cant stop the clock we can sure help you to slow it down through
exercise and nutition.

contact us today and we will design a fitness program to help you improve the quality or your life.